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Fabric & Laundry Softener 2 x Concentrate


Soft is a new technology, biodegradable fabric softener

Soft’s unique formulation gives all fabrics long lasting softness and pleasant long lasting floral aroma every wash

Soft’s powerful formula is 2 x concentrate, there for you can either use half the amount that you would use with ordinary products or just use half

Soft is praised and widely used by the Commercial Laundries

Soft is cost effective, safe on colour fabrics and the environment it can be used in day to day general laundry needs

Soft can be used in both commercial and household laundries and it is safe to be use in conjunction with a septic system


Dilute: Approx. ¼ -1/2 cup softener in 1liter of water. Add to wash at the beginning of final rinse

Hand Rinse: Dilute 10-30ml’s Softener in a bucket of water then add clothes

To Ensure Uniform Softness: DO NOT pour undiluted softener onto fabrics

DO NOT add bleach or detergent during the rinse cycle

$5.90 / 1L

$13.90 / 5L

$39.90 / 20L

$365 / 205L

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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available upon request

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