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Klager H/Duty Pressure Sprayer


Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Pressure Sprayer

  • Chemical Resistant
  • Klager / GERMANY
  • VITON Seals
  • Easy Pressurising
  • Heavy Duty Nylon/PPN Head & Pump
  • Liquid Capacity 1.5Lt
  • Adjustable Nozzle 0.8
  • Automatic Safety Pressure Valve
  • Max. Pressure 4bar/58psi
  • V4A / S.Steel Springs

Red VS/040090

Solvent or aggressive based chemicals such as Tyre Shine, Degreasers, Brake Cleaner

Yellow VS/040158

General cleaning chemicals(Diluted Acid & less aggressive Solvent based chemicals) Hydrofluoric acid, Formic acid or higher concentrations of Acetic and Propionic acid are not recommended for use in this sprayer

Optional Accessories

  • 30 cm Extension Lance & Nozzle Made of Rigid PVC 
  • Chrome Plated Brass Polyuratan Flexible Tube
  • Brass Insert Nozzle 0.5mm for Finer Pattern

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