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Citragold Spray & Wipe Multipurpose Cleaner


Citrus Cleaner

Citragold   is a citrus based, commercial strength concentrated multipurpose spray & wipe detergent. It will clean greasy soil, general dirt, grime, heavy carbon based soils from all types of surfaces and floors safely

Citragold has the tick of approval from AQIS (Australian Quarantine and Inspection Services) It is a very effective and safe product to be used in kitchens and in all areas

Citragold is made from the highest of quality and highly biodegradable materials and is environmentally and user friendly, which leaves a pleasant residual fragrance

Citragold can be used in both commercial and household cleaning and it is safe to use in conjunction with a septic system


Heavy Duty: Heavy carbon based soils, fatty, greasy deposits and soap scum – like kitchen rotisseries, stoves, ovens, deep fryers, BBQ hot plates, motor engines dilute 1 part Citragold and 1 part water apply and leave for at least 5 minutes before agitation with a scouring pad. All food contact areas need to be rinsed off with water after cleaning

General Spray & Wipe Cleaning: Bench tops, walls, glass, office equipment, kitchen accessories, plastics, fine furniture, mirrors, stainless steel, stereo & video equipment, elevators, lifts, shop fixtures, etc. dilute 1 part Citragold to 5-10 parts water into spray bottle

Floors: General mopping on floors - dilute 50mls Citragold to 10 litres of water in bucket Citragold will leave a sparkling clean, shining, brighter and whiter surface with pleasant residual fragrances

Carpet & Upholstery / Prespray: Dilute 1 part Citragold with 1 part water

Laundry / Prespray: Dilute 1 part Citragold with 1 part water

Washing Machine: Light Soil – ¼ cup, Heavy Soil – ½ cup

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$540 / 205L

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