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Rinse Aid Commercial Grade


Rinse Aid   is a commercial grade revolutionary designed special formula to eliminate water spotting on glassware and cutlery 

Rinse Aid’s unique low foaming new tech formula contains a very effective wetting agent

Rinse Aid provides a superb, clear, streak free, spot free wash when used in conjunction with Dishmatic

Rinse Aid is safe on stainless steel and silver cutlery. It also prevents glass from hazing

Rinse Aid is safe and it can be used with all types of commercial, domestic dishwashing and glass washing machines


Commercial Machines: Automatic dispensers are usually fitted to machinery that automatically add Rinse Aid to the final rinse

Ask our agent or supplier to adjust your automatic dosage. Follow your machine manufacturer’s handbook for correct operating procedures and correct dosage levels

Domestic Machines: See your Dishwasher / Glasswasher instruction booklet for how to add Rinse Aid

$19.90 / 5L

$59.90 / 20L

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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available upon request

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