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Glass Wash Commercial Grade


"NEW improved Formula"

Glass Wash is a commercial grade German designed unique formula for glass washing in Pubs, Clubs & Hotels and it is used throughout Europe

Glass Wash’s low foaming powerful new tech improved formula, contains a very effective wetting agent which provides a superb, clear, streak free, spot free wash. Now with new descaling properties

Glass Wash’s formula is designed specially to eliminate water spotting on glassware and it also prevents glass from hazing

Glass Wash can be used in machines with hot water or as a hand wash as required, extra cleaning power


The dilutions for the Glass Washers are generally the same but to get optimum results, may need to adjust for that sparkling finish. In hard water areas, might need to up the strength

$19.90 / 5L

$59.90 / 20L

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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available upon request

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