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Carpet Magic Carpet & Upholstery Powder


Carpet Magic is a revolutionary new product with biodegradable raw materials for a safe environment. It has a fast acting formula which makes your job easier by saving you time and money. With its mild pH formula

Carpet Magic can be used on all types of carpets and upholstery. Just pre-spray with Carpet Magic and extract

Carpet Magic will have better results when used with hot or warm water

Carpet Magic can be used with all types of carpet cleaning equipment and will give great results

Carpet Magic is designed to meet Australian standards on pH. When used as recommended to the specifications from the manufacturer this formula will clean and remove stains from the fibbers gently without leaving a high pH like some others. Because of its mild pH. formula it is safe to use Carpet Magic on in-situ dyed carpets, printed carpets and Persian rugs

Carpet Magic is a non acid product which makes it safe to work around fiberglass or aluminum painted surfaces

Carpet Magic is also a brilliant hand spotter, spot & stain remover

Carpet Magic has a very strong and pleasant aroma. After doing a job not only can you see but smell it which makes all the difference


To clean very dirty carpets like nylon or old acrylic at pubs or hotels, use hot water in pre-spray pump then pre-spray the carpet before setting up your hoses. This gives time for Carpet Magic to work on the dirt and soil that has attached to the fibre

For new generation fibbers, Carpet Magic can be used with very hot water because of its low pH level. If you are using a truck mount set temperature to 90ºC. If you run into problems and your pre-spray dries you don’t have to worry or pre-spray again, just extract


Ready-To-Use (Portables): Mix 75gr to 100gr of Carpet Magic with 25lt of water

Concentrated Stock Solution (Truck Mounts): Add 1kg of Carpet Magic simultaneously until the container contains 25lt of warm water. Stir mixture for few minutes until powder dissolves

Powerful Pre-Spray:  Dilute the same as Stock Solution, than use at 1:10 dilution rate

$39.90 / 5kg

$74.90 / 15kg

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MSDS (Material safety data sheet) available upon request

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