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Oxy-San Oxygenated Powder Bleach


Oxygenated Soaking Powder

Oxysan is a revolutionary designed, concentrated and bio-degradable soaking powder to leave your cutlery and glassware sanitized, sparkling clean and spot free

Oxysan’s unique formula is designed to be used as a cleaner / sanitiser for many varied applications

Oxysan’s powerful active ingredients enable it to kill a wide spectrum of germs, bacteria and yeast while leaving the glass or cutlery spotless and clean

Oxysan is widely used in restaurants, cafes, pubs, clubs & hotels as a glass soaker

Oxysan is made from highly biodegradable materials there for, making it an environmentally, user- friendly safe product to be use in conjunction with a septic system


Glass Soaker / Sanitiser: Ideal for mixing as a soaking solution in a tub. Make a solution with Oxysan and soak cups, glasses and cutlery in trays for 10 minutes or longer then simply run it through your dishwasher

$24.90 / 5kg

$64.90 / 15kg

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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available upon request

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