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D-Power Citrus Based Graffiti Remover


Graffiti Cleaner, Marking Pen, Ink, Chewing Gum, Adhesive, Grease, Wax & Paint Remover

D-Power is non flammable, non corrosive, low toxic environmentally and user friendly product with a natural citrus aroma. Because of the power of D-limonene we called it D-Power

D-Power is designed to remove all difficult things like graffiti, marking pen, ink, silk screen ink, painting ink, old road grime, tar spots, greasy soil, chewing gum, adhesive, sticky tape & labels can be safely removed from surfaces at the same time. This makes your job easier by saving time and money

D-Power is safe to use on carpet, laundry pre-wash, painted wall & door, aluminum surface, stainless steel surface, wood furniture & office equipment, printing equipment such as blanket & roller


Carpet: Chewing gum, greasy soils, tar, ink ( spray on effected area, leave a few minutes and lift off heavy deposits with a scraper or something similar, than wipe off or rinse off with water)

Laundry Pre-Wash: Ink, greasy soil, food stain ( spray directly onto the surface and it will disappear in the wash)

Printing Industry: Printing ink, sticky tape & labels, paint , printing equipment such as blanket & roller ( spray onto surface, allow a few minutes and wipe off with a damp towel)

Hard Surfaces: Graffiti, painting ink, silk screen ink, wax, sticky tape & labels, greasy soils   (spray onto surfaces, allow a few minutes to activate, than wipe off or pressure rinse with water)

Cars & Trucks: Old road grime, tar spots, engine degreasing, wax ( spray onto the effected area, allow a few minutes, than wipe off or rinse off with water)

$26.90 / 1L

$94.90 / 5L

$357 / 20L

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