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Saniklean Food Grade Sanitiser


All Surface Sanitiser & Cleanser

Saniklean is a surface sanitiser and cleaner that is an effective bacteria reducing agent for food preparation, food handling and storage areas

Saniklean is ideal in surface cleaning of critical control point in a HACCP program

Saniklean is used to clean and sanitise food preparation areas, benches, tabletops, food cupboards, refrigerators and surfaces that require sanitizing to provide a healthy environment

Saniklean is specially designed for the food service industry


As a No-Rinse Sanitizer: Ready to use - Dispense through spray bottle

At the end of the day, clean food contact surface thoroughly then - Spray a fine mist of Saniklean directly on to the surface that requires sanitizing. On arrival the next morning wipe with clean paper towel

$14.90 / 5L

$45.90 / 20L

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MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) available upon request

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